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  1. The Genus Rhizophora (Rhizophoraceae) in North-eastern Australia
    Duke, N.C.(REFJ0000591)
  2. The Genus Sonneratia in Australia, with Notes on Hybridization of its two Species
    Muller, J.(REFJ0000594)
  3. The importance of propagule predation in a forest of non-indigenous mangrove trees
    Steele, O.C.(REFJ0000598)
  4. The role of the mangrove and seagrass communities in nutrient cycling in Western Port Bay
    Attiwill, P.M.(REFJ0000601)
  5. The faunal communities of Australian mangroves
    Hutchings, P.A.(REFJ0000602)
  6. The New Zealand Mangrove Association
    Taylor, F.J.(REFJ0000612)
  7. Temporal patterns of fish populations in three habitats of the Saint-Vincent bay area (New Caledonia): Coral reefs, soft bottoms and mangroves
    Thollot, P.(REFJ0000618)
  8. The mangrove crab Scylla sefrata
    Opnai, L.J.(REFJ0000630)
  9. The Free Living Hormosira banksii (Turner) Decaisne Associated with Mangroves in Temperate Eastern Australia
    King, R.J.(REFJ0000637)
  10. The Macroalgae of Mangrove Communities in Eastern Australia
    King, R.J.(REFJ0000638)
  11. The Intertidal Distribution of the Grey Mangrove (Avicennia marina) in South Eastern Australia: The Effects of Physical Conditions, Interspecific Competition, and Predation on Establishment and Survival
    Clark, P.J.(REFJ0000640)
  12. The Osmotic Significance of the Heteroside Floridoside in the Mangrove Alga Catenell a nipae (Gigartinales, Rhodophyta) in Eastern Australia
    Karsten, V.(REFJ0000646)
  13. The demograpgy of the temperate mangrove (Avicennia marina) (Forsk) Vierh) at its southern limit in New Zealand
    Burns, B.R.(REFJ0000652)
  14. The influence of crabs on litter processing in high inter-tidal mangrove forests in tropical Australia
    Robertson, A.I.(REFJ0000668)
  15. Tidal Mixing and Trapping in Mangrove Swamps
    Wolaski, E.(REFJ0000674)
  16. The Abundance and Growth of Avicennia marina and Rhizophora stylosa in the Low Shore Zone of Darwin Harbour, Northern Territory
    O'Grady, A.P.(REFJ0000677)
  17. The distribution and abundance of barnacles in a mangrove forest
    Ross, P.M.(REFJ0000679)
  18. The Palynology of Mangroves on a Prograded Shore, Princess Charlotte Bay, North Queensland, Australia
    Grindrod, J.(REFJ0000681)
  19. The effects of 2, 4-D on the growth of Rhizophora stylosa Griff seedlings
    Culk, P.(REFJ0000682)
  20. The Mangroves and Salt Marsh Flats of the Auckland Isthsmus
    Chapman, V.J.(REFJ0000686)
  21. The distribution, conservation status and management problems of Queensland's Athalassic and tidal wetlands
    Arthington, A.H.(REFJ0000692)
  22. The inshore prawn resource and its relation to the Purari Delta region
    Frusher, S.D.(REFJ0000697)
  23. The Relatioship between Nitrogen Fixation and Tidal Exports of Nitrogen in a Tropical Mangrove System
    Boto, K.A.(REFJ0000698)
  24. The epiphyte community of mangrove root in a tropical estuary: Distribution and biomass
    Rodriquez, C.(REFJ0000703)
  25. The effects of Cyclone Tracy on mangrove vegetation
    Bardsley, K.N.(REFJ0000705)
  26. The mangrove systems of Western Australia: 1993 Presidential Address
    Semeniuk, V.(REFJ0000713)
  27. The distribution and productivity of mangroves in creek, Darwin Harbour
    Woodroffe, C.D.(REFJ0000719)
  28. The death of mangroves in upper Whangarei Harbour, Wellington, New Zealand
    Clunie, N.M.U.(REFJ0000723)
  29. The effects of industrial development on mangrove forests in the Gulf Province of Papua New Guinea
    White, K.J.(REFJ0000730)
  30. The Australian 'Grey Mangrove', (Avicennia officinalis, Linneus)
    Baker, R.T.(REFJ0000749)
  31. The vegetation of Lizard Island, North Queensland
    Byrnes, N.B.(REFJ0000750)
  32. The vegetation of North Stradbroke Island, Queensland
    Clifford, H.T.(REFJ0000755)
  33. The distribution of phosphate in sediments of the Johnstone River Catchment-estuary System, North Queensland, Australia
    Pailles, C.(REFJ0000769)
  34. The status of Australian estuaries and enclosed marine waters
    Saenger, P.(REFJ0000774)
  35. The embryology and seedling development of Aegiceras majus Gaertn
    Carey, G.(REFJ0000776)
  36. Thematic mapping of the mangroves from the South West coast line of New Caledonia
    Thollot, P.(REFJ0000784)
  37. The ecology of tropical Soft-bottom Benthic ecosystems
    Alongi, D.M.(REFJ0000790)
  38. The development of salt pans on tidal marshes, with particular reference to South-eastern Australia
    Boston, K.G.(REFJ0000802)
  39. The destruction of mangroves
    Canestri, V.(REFJ0000807)
  40. The mangrove swamp and saltmarsh communities of the Sydney district. 1. Vegetation, soils and climate
    Clark, R.L.(REFJ0000809)
  41. The mangrove swamp and saltmarsh communities of the Sydney district. 3. Plant growth in relation to salinity and waterlogging
    Clark, R.L.(REFJ0000810)
  42. The role of chloride in dioxide(02) evolution by thylakoids from salt tolerant higher plants
    Critchley, C.(REFJ0000820)
  43. The mechanisms of salt tolerance in halophytes
    Flowers, T.J.(REFJ0000829)
  44. The palynology of holocene mangrove and saltmarsh sediments, particularly in Northern Australia
    Gridrod, J.(REFJ0000834)
  45. The ecological significance of blue-green algal mats in the Dampier mangrove ecosystem
    Paling, E.I.(REFJ0000866)
  46. The economic importance of mangroves
    Maxwell, G.S.(REFJ0000869)
  47. The management of Pacific marine resources: Present problems and future trends
    Craven, J.P.(REFJ0000876)
  48. The Anatomy of the hypocotyls of Ceriops Arnott (Rhizophoraceae), recent and fossil
    Wilkinson, H.P.(REFJ0000877)
  49. The mangrove community
    Coury, A.(REFJ0000888)
  50. Traditional concepts and practises, and inland fisheries management
    Haines, A .K.(REFJ0000891)

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