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  1. The mangrove communities of Darwin Harbour
    Brocklehurst, P.(REFJ0000895)
  2. The mangrove crab, Scylla serrata in the Era and Purari Delta and its fishery
    Opnai, I.J(REFJ0000899)
  3. Traditional marine tenure and the sustainable management of marine resources in Suvavou Village, Suva: A case study
    Kila, J.(REFJ0000903)
  4. The management of inland wetlands and river flows and the importance of economic valuation in New South Wales
    Morrison, M.D.(REFJ0000906)
  5. The role of the Native Land trust board in the establishment of parks and reserves in Fiji
    Rabuka, M.(REFJ0000910)
  6. Traditional uses of mangroves in Central Province
    Ram-Bidesi, V.(REFJ0000912)
  7. Traditional marine tenure in the 90's
    Ruddle, K.(REFJ0000915)
  8. Traditional marine tenure at the village level: A case study of Ucunivanua, Fiji
    Vunisea, A.(REFJ0000922)
  9. The effects of oils and dispersants on mangroves: A review and bibliography
    Wardrop, J.A.(REFJ0000930)
  10. The effects of flooding on Brisbane River mangroves
    Hegerl, E.J.(REFJ0000932)
  11. The river experience: The Brisbane River Corridor management plan
    Brisbane City Council(REFJ0000935)
  12. Tinchi Tamba wetlands reserve: Environmental management plan. Final report
    Chenoweith and Associates(REFJ0000944)
  13. Techniques for enhanced wetland inventory and monitoring
    Finlayson, C.M.(REFJ0000947)
  14. The Mangroves of the Dampier Archipelago, Western Australia
    Semeniuk, V.(REFJ0000992)
  15. The case for the protection of mangrove swamps: Geochemical considerations
    Harbison, P.(REFJ0000995)
  16. The mangrove vegetation of the South Alligator River, Northern Territory
    Davie, J.D.S.(REFJ0001007)
  17. The avifauna of the Australian mangroves- A brief review of composition, structure and origin
    Schodde, R.(REFJ0001015)
  18. Trophic relationships in mangrove communities
    Redfield, J.(REFJ0001018)
  19. The effect of forest type on microbial-nutrient relationships in tropical mangrove sediments of the Fly delta, Papua New Guinea
    Alongi, D.M.(REFJ0001023)
  20. The role of mangroves in New Zealand tidal vegetation
    Harris, G.(REFJ0001029)
  21. The Utwe-Walung mangrove
    Devoe, N.N.(REFJ0001034)
  22. The mangrove coastal boundary layer protects seagrass beds in coastal waters
    Wolanski, E.J.(REFJ0001058)
  23. The habitat specific distribution of some fishes in a tropical estuary.
    Sheaves, M.J.(REFJ0001070)
  24. The Composition of sedimentary organic matter in relation to the dynamic features of a mangrove-fringed coast in French Guiana
    Marchand, C.(REFJ0001075)
  25. The conservation of the mangrove forests
    Knox, M.(REFJ0001095)
  26. Thesis MA. Community utilisation and valuation of mangrove resources in Fiji. Case studies of Sawa, Daku and Nadoria villages and Kinoya and Tamavua-i-wai urban settlement, Viti Levu, Fiji
    Thaman, B.(REFJ0001105)
  27. Traditional and community-based marine resources management system in Fiji: An evolving integrated process
    Veitayaki, J.(REFJ0001108)
  28. Tropical mangrove ecosystems
    Robertson, A. I. (ed.)(REFJ1100005)
  29. Towards an intergrated management of tropical coastal resources
    Chou, L. (ed.)(REFJ1100006)
  30. Timber standards based on end use for more efficient utilization of forest resource, especially in the tropics
    Brazier, J.D.(REFJ1100021)
  31. Tropical mangrove oyster culture: problems and prospects
    Kamara, A.B.(REFJ1100022)
  32. The Value of Mangroves and Mangrove Ecosystems - Cultural and Ethnobiological Importance
    Thaman, B.(REFJ1100036)
  33. The Coast of Lakeba: a geomorphological reconnaissance
    McLean, R.F.(REFJ1100043)
  34. Towards intergrated coastal zone management in Asia. Development and management of non-living resources in the coastal zones of the Asia Pacific Region. Volume 1
    United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific(REFJ1100048)
  35. Tropical Pacific invertebrates: a field guide to the marine invertel occurring on tropical Pacific coral reefs, seagrass beds; and mangroves.
    Colin, Patrick. L.(REFJ1100071)
  36. The Nature Conservancy - FSM Country Program Workbook.
    The Nature Conservancy - FSM(REFJ1100081)
  37. The Nature Conservancy - FSM Country Program Participant Manual.
    The Nature Conservancy - FSM(REFJ1100082)
  38. The mangrove channels of Kosrae. About the mangrove forests of Kosrae.
    Sea Grant, Community College of Micronesia. (REFJ1100092)
  39. The mangrove crab of Ponape.
    Perrie, D.(REFJ1100094)
  40. The ichthyofauna of the Sundays estuary, South Africa, with particular reference to the juvenile marine component
    Beckley, L.E.(REGH1000017)
  41. The fish community of East Cape tidal pools and an assessment of the nursery function of this habitat
    Beckley, L.E.(REGH1000019)
  42. The fish community of a moderately exposed beach on the southwestern Cape coast of South Africa and an assessment of this habitat as a nursery for juvenile fish
    Bennett, B.A.(REGH1000020)
  43. The zoological affinities of estuarine fishes in South-East Africa
    Blaber, S.J.M.(REGH1000024)
  44. The ecology of Sphyraena barracuda (Osteichthyes:Perciformes) in the Kosi system with notes on the Sphyraenidae of other Natal estuaries
    Blaber, S.J.M.(REGH1000025)
  45. The ecology of fishes of estuaries and lagoons of the Indo-Pacific with particular reference to Southeast Africa
    Blaber, S.J.M.(REGH1000026)
  46. The biology of Carangidae (Teleostei) in Natal estuaries
    Blaber, S.J.M.(REGH1000029)
  47. The feeding ecology of juvenile mullet (Mugilidae) in South-East African estuaries
    Blaber, S.J.M.(REGH1000031)
  48. The fish and prawn communities of a Malaysian coastal mangrove system, with comparisons to adjacent mud flats and inshore waters
    Chong, V.C.(REGH1000036)
  49. The food and feeding ecology of Gerreidae, Bleeker 1859, in the estuaries of Natal
    Cyrus, D.P.(REGH1000039)
  50. The reproductive biology of Gerres in Natal estuaries
    Cyrus, D.P.(REGH1000040)

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