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  1. The influence of turbidity on juvenile marine fishes in estuaries. Part 1. Field studies at Lake St. Lucia on the Southeastern coast of Africa
    Cyrus, D.P.(REGH1000041)
  2. The influence of turbidity on juvenile marine fishes in estuaries. Part 2. Laboratory studies, comparisons with field data and conclusions
    Cyrus, D.P.(REGH1000042)
  3. The influence of turbidity on juvenile marine fishes in the estuaries of Natal, South Africa
    Cyrus, D.P.(REGH1000043)
  4. Temporal changes in the fish fauna entering a tidal swamp system in tropical Australia
    Davis, T.L.O.(REGH1000045)
  5. The food and feeding inter-relationships of the fishes in the Lagos lagoon
    Fagade, S.O.(REGH1000048)
  6. Turbidity-induced changes in feeding strategies of fish in estuaries
    Hecht, T.(REGH1000052)
  7. The early life history of fishes from Pichavaram mangrove ecosystem of India
    Krishnamurthy, K.(REGH1000059)
  8. Temporal patterns in a fish assemblage of a semiarid mangrove zone in Madagascar
    Laroche, J.(REGH1000060)
  9. The reproductive biology of the moony, Monodactylus falciformis, in Algoa Bay
    Lasiak, T.A.(REGH1000061)
  10. The fish community of an East African mangrove creek
    Little, M.C.(REGH1000064)
  11. The effects of river flooding on the fish populations of two eastern Cape estuaries
    Marais, J.F.K.(REGH1000071)
  12. The Biogeography of mangroves. In :Contributions to the Ecology of Halophytes
    Sen, D.N. (REGH1000108)
  13. The correct name of the Afro-American black mangrove
    Compere, P.(REGH1000112)
  14. The mangrove swamps of Guinea
    Diallo, A.(REGH1000114)
  15. The mangrove swamps of Senegal and Gambia
    Diop, E.S. (REGH1000115)
  16. The mangrove swamps of Cote d'Ivoire
    Egnankou, W.M.(REGH1000117)
  17. The mangrove swamps of Keneba, Lower Gambia River basin. III. Seasonal variations on the chloride content of swamp soils, with observations on the water level and chloride concentrations of free soil water under a barren mud flat during the dry season
    Giglioli, M.E.C. (REGH1000118)
  18. The mangrove swamps of Keneba, Lower Gambia River basin. I Descriptive notes on the Climate, the mangrove swamps and the physical composition of their soils
    Giglioli, M.E.C. (REGH1000119)
  19. The vegetation of mangrove swamps in West Africa
    Jordan, H.D.(REGH1000121)
  20. The relation of vegetation and soil to development of mangrove swamps for rice growing in Sierra Leone
    Jordan, H.D.(REGH1000122)
  21. The mangrove swamps of Gabon
    Posso, P.(REGH1000125)
  22. The mangrove swamps of Guinea-Bissau
    Simao, A.(REGH1000130)
  23. The East African Decapod Crab Neosarmatium meinerti (de Man) Sweeps Mangrove Floors Clean of Leaf Litter
    Olafsson, E.(REGH1000133)
  24. The Atlantic species of Rhizophora
    Breteler, F.J.(REGH1000141)
  25. The decapod crustaceans of the Niger Delta
    Powell, C.B.(REGH1000157)
  26. The challenges of the mangrove ecosystem
    Ekundayo, J.A.(REGH1000159)
  27. The biology and economic potentials of the mangrove grass, Paspalum vaginatum Swartz
    Okoli, B.E.(REGH1000162)
  28. The interrelationships between mangrove vegetation and soils using multiple regression analysis
    Ukpong, I.(REGH1000170)
  29. The structure and soil relations of Avicennia mangroves swamps in Southeastern Nigeria
    Ukpong, I. E.(REGH1000171)
  30. The Kunduchi mangrove basin
    Mc Cusker, A.(REGH1000201)
  31. The effects of rainfall and tidal rhythm on the community structure and abundance of the zoooplankton of Fazi Bay, Kenya
    Osore, M.K.W.(REGH1000206)
  32. The mangrove resources of Rufiji Delta, Tanzania
    Semesi, A.K.(REGH1000220)
  33. The coastal systems of East Africa : mangrove ecosystem case study
    Semesi, A.K.(REGH1000222)
  34. The mangroves of Eastern African Region
    Semesi, A.K.(REGH1000223)
  35. The ecology of South African estuaries. Part VIII. Kosi Bay System
    Brockhuysen, G.J.(REGH1000248)
  36. The ecology of South African estuaries. Part VII. The biology of Durban Bay
    Day, J.H.(REGH1000249)
  37. The mangrove swamps of Inhaca Island, Mozambique
    Macnae, W.(REGH1000251)
  38. The Ecology of Lagos Lagoon. II. The Topography and Physical Features of Lagos Habour and Lagos Lagoon
    Hill, M.B.(REGH1000255)
  39. The relation of vegetation and soil to the development of mangrove swamps for rice growing in Siera Leone
    Jordan, H.D.(REGH1000258)
  40. The Ecology of Lagos Lagoon. V. Some Physical Properties of Lagoon Deposits
    Webb, J.E.(REGH1000260)
  41. The mangrove swamps of Keneba, lower Gambia River Basin. II. Sulpher and pH in the profiles of swamps soils
    Thornton, I.(REGH1000261)
  42. The Ecology of Lagos Lagoon. III. The Life History of Branchiostoma nigeriense Webb.
    Webb, J.E.(REGH1000266)
  43. The Ecology of Lagos Lagoon. IV. On the Reaction of Branchiostoma nigeriense Webb to Its Environment
    Webb, J.E.(REGH1000267)
  44. The effect of nitrogen, phosphourus on nematode (Aphelnencoides basseyi) infestation and grain yields of two rice varieties under tidal mangrove swamp cultivation in Sierra Leone
    Terry, E.R. (REGH1000271)
  45. Tertiary lithostratigraphy of Niger Delta
    Avbovbo, A.A.(REGH1000272)
  46. The geology of the Niger Delta
    Hopsers, J. W.(REGH1000275)
  47. The vegetation of mangrove swamps in Sierra Leone
    Jordan, H.D(REGH1000279)
  48. The waters of the Niger delta
    Netherlands engineering consultants(REGH1000284)
  49. The relation of rainfall to the production of the penaeid shrimp peneaus duorarum in the Casamance estuary (Senegal)
    Le Reste, L.(REGH1000291)
  50. The ecology of the Mangrove Swamps at Inhaca Island; Mozambique
    Macnae, W(REGH1000419)

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